holidays: soundtrack

Let It Snow - Frank Sinatra

Christmas Lights - Coldplay

The Cowboys' Christmas Ball - The Killers

Put the Lights On the Tree - Sufjan Stevens

Carol of the Bells - Home Alone OST

Joy To the World - Johnny Cash

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie & Bing Crosby

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - Maroon 5
[as made famous by John Lennon]

Run Rudolph Run - Chuck Berry

White Christmas - Lady Gaga

Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen

Listen to these songs and many other in my Spotify Christmas list
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holidays: movies

“I wanna live again!”
Holiday Showdown Week: DAY 5
This concludes holiday showdown week! happy holidays, everyone! i will see you again on January 2nd! 
- scott c.
1. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

“I intend to prove that Mr. Kringle is Santa Claus.”
Holiday Showdown Week: DAY 2
2. Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

3. Scrooged (1988)

4. A Christmas Story (1983)

“You guys give up yet? Or are you thirsty for more?” 
Holiday Showdown Week: DAY1
5. Home Alone (1990)

“We’re Marley and Marley. Whoooooo.”
Holiday Showdown Week: DAY 3
6. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

7. Jingle All the Way (1996)

8. Elf (2003)

Drawings by Scott C.

Christmas gifts

Christmas are just around the corner and I guess many of you are also going mad trying to find the perfect gifts.
Unfortunately, I don't have a definitive solution, but here you are some beautiful and original ideas I have found on the Internet.

[Click on the images to enlarge]
2. Coconut Biscuits, LA CURE GOURMANDE
3. Jelly Beans Dispenser, JELLY BELLY
4. The Eugénie Macarons Box, LADURÉE
5. Milk Chocolate Sardines Tin, MICHEL CLUIZEL

1. Travel Notebook, URBAN OUTFITTERS
2. Postcard Aeroplane, SUCK UK
3. Lomography Dreamer Diana F+ Camera, URBAN OUTFITTERS
4. Dirty French, ULYSSES PRESS
5. Handcrafted Messenger Bag, CHIC LEATHER IN ETSY
6. Berliner Luft, HATJE CANTZ
7. Scrabble Travel Edition, MATTEL/HASBRO

1. LP Frame, TIGER
2. Fender Squier, FENDER
3. 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, CASSELL ILLUSTRATED
4. Spintronic Turntable, CROSLEY
5. Studio Headphones, BEATS MONSTER
6. Skull Ear Bud Headphones, URBAN OUTFITTERS
7. Micro Amp, MARSHALL

1. Fingerstache, GAMA-GO
2. Tweets & Status Updates, KNOCK KNOCK
3. Coen Brothers Collection, 20TH CENTURY FOX
4. 'Skulls Behind Sunglasses' Sculpture, MICHAEL LEON
5. Companion Radio, CROSLEY
6. CD/LP Dividers, SUCK UK
7. Retro Watch, TIMEX

1. iCade, ION
2. USB Cup Warmer, USB BRANDO
3. iPhone Cassette Silicone Case, HOMADE PRODUCTS BY IMAGINATION
4. Macbook Stickers, VARIOUS BRANDS
5. Canon Miniature Camera 4G USB Drive
6. Clocky, SUCK UK
7.  Retro Telephone Receiver For Mobile, TIGER

1. DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book, QUIRK BOOKS
2. Mr. Potato Head Indiana Jones, PLAYSKOOL
3. Rubik's Cube Mug
5. Ice Invaders, FREAD AND FRIENDS
6. Scott Pilgrim Collection, FOURTH ESTATE
7. Death Star, LEGO
8. Pac Man Cookie Cutters, SUCK UK
9. 'Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock' T-shirt, VARIOUS BRANDS
10. Facebook Stamps, JAILBREAK

1. Botanical Rose Bone China Tea Set, ENGLISH TEA STORE
2. Dreamy Pillow Cases, SENSITIVE BOYFRIEND
3. Custom Stamp, PAPER SOURCE
5. Picnic Set, HAY HAMPERS
6. Position Of The Day, CHRONICLE BOOKS
8. Fondue Set, KITCHEN CRAFT

You can find almost everything on the official webs, as well as on eBay or Amazon. Also take a look at other sites such as Urban Outfitters, Chronicle Books, Think Geek, Taschen or SUCK UK. They have many interesting ideas for Christmas. Hope this helps!!
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