Last year, mint suddenly appeared in our clothes and began to gather strenght. But in this year's spring collection, it has finally reached its highest point. If you take a look in shops, you will see this lovely colour everywhere! 

Dr. Martens
Yves Saint Laurent

Urban Outfitters 
Jeffrey Campbell Lita

There are many other romantic proposals in pale pink, blue and violet. If you like this style, do not miss this great opportunity!

MBFWM - Day 5

Last day in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. As there were less people than the other days, it was very nice to pace up and down the showground.
We spend the afternoon having a look at the EGO space stalls and enjoying the runaways.

Vogue stand
Absolut Vodka Designers
Basic colours and transparencies by Stenerös
Dandy hunter look by Ixone Elzo
Mega volume by Leandro Cano
The summery counterpoint by LE

And here you have some of my favourite new designers proposals.
Kitsch dresses, by MANDERLAY
...and kitsch blouses, by ÄTAKONTU
Funny bow ties, by JARABOWTIE
Geometric long skirt, by MONIQUILLA
Prism dress, by ISAACYMANU
Denim jackets, by NOPIKA
Sax shorts, by SHOOP
I specially liked the costume jewellery stands, but it was a bit embarrasing to take photos in the sellers' faces... My favourite ones:, and

MBFWM - Day 3

Yesterday, I dropped into Cibeles Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in IFEMA, Madrid.

I would have liked entering Davidelfín or Hannibal Laguna runaways, but I arrived a bit late. Anyway, we had a fantastic time there, wandering around the stands and drinking cava (thanks to two wonderful friends who got us in the Mercedes-Benz VIP space).
Ana Locking opens the Time Capsule in her new collection and gets present and future mixed up, with mininal and geometric forms, together with silhouttes inspired by the 20's. In the evening dresses block, she proposes the classy combination that never lets down: black and white. A really elegant collection.
Aristocrazy brought the jewellery into the catwalk. The staging was fantastic, with all the models dressed in black leotards wearing the amazing jewels. I specially liked the golden ones, but all of them were exceptional.
Aristocrazy, joyas otoño invierno 2012

If you have the chance to visit Cibelespacio, do not miss the EGO space to check the young talents and new designers proposals. There are many interesting offers that you can even buy at quite affordable prices.

As I forgot to take the camera, I have no photos for the time being, but I will go back tomorrow and bring you more about MBFWM.
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