girls just wanna have fun

Yesterday I met some old friends who work in fashion. The girls agreed to participate in a photo shoot called "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with some vintage clothes. Here are the photos:

Barbie wears: vintage Levi's denim jacket, vintage tee, Nikon camera

Midge wears: 80's t-shirt, Pepe jeans, Fender acoustic guitar

Kate wears: 60's skirt and sweater, vintage leather belt, Wolford tights, Lee denim waistcoat, Sephora products, 90's Nokia mobile

Michelle wears: vintage Levi's denim jacket, vintage tee, basic shorts, 90's Sony discman, Nikon camera

Midge wears: basic t-shirt, 80's Pepe jeans, vintage oversized jacket, Jimmy Choo wedges

Barbie wears: basic t-shirt, Lee denim waistcoast, vintage Urban Outfitters leggings, 70's platform shoes, vintage Vogue

Midge wears: Granny's plush coat

Midge & Michelle wear: La Perla underwear

Next week, I'll upload the second part of the photo shoot in wich the girls wear evening dresses and gowns borrowed from some important fashion firms, stay tuned!

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