MBFWM - Day 5

Last day in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. As there were less people than the other days, it was very nice to pace up and down the showground.
We spend the afternoon having a look at the EGO space stalls and enjoying the runaways.

Vogue stand
Absolut Vodka Designers
Basic colours and transparencies by Stenerös
Dandy hunter look by Ixone Elzo
Mega volume by Leandro Cano
The summery counterpoint by LE

And here you have some of my favourite new designers proposals.
Kitsch dresses, by MANDERLAY
...and kitsch blouses, by ÄTAKONTU
Funny bow ties, by JARABOWTIE
Geometric long skirt, by MONIQUILLA
Prism dress, by ISAACYMANU
Denim jackets, by NOPIKA
Sax shorts, by SHOOP
I specially liked the costume jewellery stands, but it was a bit embarrasing to take photos in the sellers' faces... My favourite ones: http://www.apresskishop.com, http://www.leonlagata.es/ and http://www.saltodepulga.com/.

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