Last March, Diego and I made a trip to Liverpool. 

Before our leaving, every single person we talked to about the trip asked: "What the hell are you going to visit there? Is there any tourist attraction in Liverpool?". Well, for some people it was hard to understand, but it was basically a 'meeting journey'. With who? With the Fab Four, of course! And yes, we found them -- In every single corner!
Apart from this 'sentimental element', Liverpool is a very cosy city and a place worth visiting, even though you are not a beatlemaniac. It oozes culture and heritage! Undoubtely, it is a key destination for museumgoers and history lovers.

Up till now, I haven't had time to upload any photos, but (at last) here you have some! Click on the images to see more.

General pictures of the city

The Beatles


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